Why Choose LIOME?

Why Choose LIOME?

Thank you for choosing LIOME.

  Our commitment to constant innovation ensures that all of our knives will deliverthe performance and unsurpassed quality.

Golden Era 9 - Bridging the gap between custom and manufactured, Golden Era 9 products are made with premium techniques and materials. It's quite simply the best of the top.

LTMB GRAY 7 -  Designed, developed and tested for extreme duty. They are the preferred cutting tools for elite Military, Law Enforcement and Public Safety personnel around the globe. You've come to expect.

PURE BLUE 3 - The heart of Liome. Whether it's for use on the job or in the backcountry, these products are designed for those who really appreciate the difference a high performance cutting tool can make.


LIOME will gladly re-sharpen your knife to a factory edge (does not apply to serrated portion of the blade). We will inspect the knife for any warranted repairs and "tune" the knife for optimum performance. on how to send your knife in for LifeSharp


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